Azure Arc – Workshop with CloudNow

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In this workshop we help you to simplify your hybrid infrastructure management with Azure Arc.

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Microsoft Azure with Azure Arc Azure Arc is a hybrid management service that enables customers to manage their on-premises, multi-cloud, and edge resources as if they were native Azure resources. It allows customers to apply Azure policies, governance, and monitoring to these resources, as well as to use Azure services such as Azure Monitor, Defender for Cloud, and Azure Resource Manager to manage them.

Some key benefits of Azure Arc include: • Centralized management: Azure Arc enables customers to manage their resources from a single pane of glass, regardless of where they are located. • Consistent experience: Azure Arc allows customers to use the same tools, processes, and policies to manage their resources, whether they are on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge. • Cloud mobility: Azure Arc enables customers to move their workloads between on-premises, multi-cloud, and edge environments with minimal effort.

Simplify your hybrid infrastructure management By deploying Azure Arc, the work and cost of managing hybrid servers is reduced. For enterprises with their own datacenter, it is now possible to minimize the managed components, like getting rid of WSUS servers or 3rd party security services.

At your service, as you prefer At CloudNow, we offer you the solutions you need. We can deliver you managed cloud services to maintain the cloud and hybrid solutions for you, or just workshop Azure Arc with you to get it up and running, so you can maintain your environment yourself. Benefits of working together with CloudNow Our experience in working with Azure and its management models gives you ready-made best practices for maintaining your hybrid environment with Azure Arc. • Hands-on experience from multiple customer environments with Azure management models to ease Azure and Hybrid server management • Automated Update management for Windows and Linux servers with pilot cycles that follow best practices • Reviewing and managing hybrid server security with Defender for Cloud and Defender for Endpoint for Servers • The implementation of Windows Admin center to ease the administration of multiple hybrid servers

Requirements Azure Arc supports a wide range of operating systems. Most flavors of Linux are supported so you can cover all the servers with Arc. • Azure Subscription – We can help you with that! • Servers located on-premises or in any other cloud, and desire to go hybrid and towards cloud-based central management! o Windows Servers, Linux • Firewall rules to allow connections to Azure Arc

Project steps Day 1: Scoping, planning deployment, deploying Azure subscription Day 2: Deploying Azure Arc agents, configuring services Day 3: Testing solutions, Following Security and Compliance from servers found by Azure Arc Day 4: Project end, Planning the road to production, Development roadmap