Docker and Kubernetes on Azure: 3-day Workshop


This workshop covers architecture principles of microservices, then gets in to the mechanics of container tooling.

As cloud computing evolves, companies face adopting DevOps practices, containers, microservices, and so much more. Save time and get up to speed on the business value and technical know-how of these concepts and tools in just a few days with our training.

This professional service supports Azure customers in getting started with AKS technology. By attending this workshop you will deepen your knowledge of the technologies, tools and day 2 operations and you will gain a better understanding of the complex container ecosystem and how to use containers on Azure.

Why should I attend?

*Get started using containers in development and production *Increase efficiency in your team *Deepen your practical knowledge on specific tools *Understand the complex cloud native ecosystem

Who should attend?

*Developers *Operators *DevOps practitioners *Technical decision makers


  • Day 1
  • Introduction to Microservices
  • Docker Basics
  • Advanced Docker
  • Managing Docker
  • Docker Tooling
  • Docker Ecosystem
  • Day 2 & 3
  • AKS Ecosystem, AKS 101
  • Kubernetes Concepts and features
  • Networking
  • Storage and Stateful Sets
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Packaging Applications with Helm

After this workshop you will be ready to start deploying AKS on Azure!