DevOps Practices and Platform: 1 Day Assessment


Objective evaluation of the application portfolio, business impact, technical risks, and the path (and gaps) to DevOps best practices and cloud native development and delivery on Azure.

This is a professional service that supports current Azure technology users or customers looking to get started with Azure that care about speed to market and modernizing their applications and infrastructure practices. Ideal for organizations evaluating Microsoft Azure, DevOps teams looking to maximize efficiency and/or businesses who run critical applications on Azure. T

We asses business impact: Security and audit requirements (PCI, SOC, HIPAA, CSA, etc.) Downtime impact Data loss Speed/efficiency of innovation Scalability/elasticity Regional/data sovereignty

And technical requirements: Application performance Automation & CI/CD Operations & delivery models Architecture Review Development tooling and processes Deployment and operations Visibility and SLAs

The price of this offer will depend on the depth and breadth of the assessment that you are requesting. The minimal level of engagement is one where the report derived from the assessment is for the internal teams use only. A large engagement is one where the content will be consumed by external stakeholders of the organisation.