Industrial IoT: 1 day Assessment

CloudPro ApS

Get a roadmap for implementing Industrial IoT in your production environment.
Includes an architectural diagram.

Getting to digital analytics, automated production or predictive maintainance can be hard if you don't know the possibilities of a modern cloud platform.
Our Azure experts will assess your current production setup and conduct a short interview with you following our Azure IoT assessment framework.
We will get around things like the Azure IoT Central and -Hub, Azure IoT Edge and -devices, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure data platform/-management, Azure Sphere and Azure Management.


  • A roadmap stating the different stages of your journey to Azure IoT, including a diagram with the different relevant components/technologies


  • 1-2 hours - physical assessment of your current production setup
  • 1-2 hours - dialogue conducted by Cloudpro to gain insights into wanted outcome using Cloudpro's Azure IoT assessment framework.
  • 1-2 hours - complete roadmap for implementing Azure IoT in your production with the uncovered components/technologies - including a diagram showing the complete setup
  • 1-2 hours - short stakeholder presentation of the roadmap/diagram including estimates on time and pricing. Decide on next steps.

This offering is delivered on 2 separate physical ½ workdays with remote work from Cloudpro in between

Cloudpro is a certified Microsoft ISV and Partner focused solely on solutions for Microsoft Azure. Our developers and engineers has successfully made customer solutions which includes own sensors and Azure development including dashboards, mobile apps, web integrations etc. making us able to deliver an end-to-end Azure IoT experience if needed.
Current customers includes branches like manufactoring, food production, medical production and logistics.