Industrial IoT: 2 hour Briefing

CloudPro ApS

Get end-to-end visibility of your production assets & operations through Cloudpro's Azure IoT Xense Solution offering.

Cloudpro will conduct a 2-hour briefing on our Azure IoT-based Xense Solution offering. This briefing will include interactive demos designed to showcase the service capabilities of Azure IoT to monitor the health of your industrial assets, detect anormalies, execute alerting flows and predict potential degradation, providing a seamless interface for operators and management.

Cloudpro will envision a highlevel way for you to plan your potential IoT journey onwards.


  • Discussion on your Industrial IoT vision, roadmap and goals
  • Discussion on industrial challenges and how they are resolved leveraging Industrial IoT solutions
  • Briefing of Cloudpro's Xense Solution offering
  • Discussion on Cloudpro's capabilities on Azure IoT, Azure Data Storage, Azure Stream Analytics and other associated Azure services.
  • Discussion on next steps

Key Deliverables:

  • Detailed view of how Azure IoT can help resolve challenges of Industrial digital optimization
  • An Azure IoT-based solution proposal/plan tailored to your vision/challenges

Cloudpro is a certified Microsoft ISV and Partner focused solely on solutions for Microsoft Azure. Our developers and engineers has successfully made customer solutions which includes own sensors and Azure development including dashboards, mobile apps, web integrations etc. making us able to deliver an end-to-end Azure IoT experience if needed. Current customers includes branches like manufactoring, food production, medical production and logistics.

For a free insight into one of Cloudpro's Azure IoT solutions "Xense Cooling" please see:
Cloudpro Sandbox