Manufacturing IoT: 3 Week Proof of Concept

Cloudpro ApS

This PoC will show you how to connect your production to Azure IoT Hub and deliver insights through dashboards, reports, events and more.
Cloudpro Azure IoT experts will get you started quickly.

In 3 weeks we will help you to understand the value and benefits of using Azure IoT Hub and help you plan for an implementation of Azure IoT to leverage insights derived from Azure IoT.
You will see an Azure IoT solution spanning from calibrated telemetry sensors to endpoint devices like mobile phones and webbased dashboards.
Cloudpro (a certified Microsoft partner) will guide you through the many Azure based IoT elements to understand how your production can run even more efficiently with insights.


  • Cloudpro will provide an assessment of your current situation, conduct Azure/IoT advisory and finally setup some sensors to quicky and easily provide you with the digital benefits of leveraging sensors/connectors using telemetry data to gain valuable data insights. Giving you Proof of Concept and a clear roadmap for going onwards with Azure IoT implementation


  • Cloudpro will work with you to understand your current setup and possible improvements/benefits of an Azure IoT setup
  • Cloudpro will demonstrate (show) the instant value and benefits of connecting to Microsoft Azure IoT to gain control with e.g. predictive maintainance, reporting/compliance and workflows integrating with unlimited actions
  • Cloudpro will plan the PoC together with you to select appropriate sensors/connectors and expected outcome
  • Cloudpro will setup the PoC together with you


  • PoC planning: ½ day onsite - Cloudpro+Customer
  • PoC setup: 1 day onsite - Cloudpro
  • PoC duration: 14 days (getting data etc.)
  • PoC summary: ½ day onsite - Cloudpro+Customer
  • PoC reporting: Conclusion and proposed next steps to be sent to you no later than 3 days after PoC summary

For a free insight into Cloudpro's own Azure IoT solution "Xense Cooling" please see:
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