Cloud Transformation Primer: 5 Day Assessment


We provide expert insight and tailored guidance to organizations seeking to undertake Cloud Transformations.

Cloud Transformation Primers are designed for organizations that are either just starting their cloud journey or cloud adopters that have stalled. In either case, organizations that are lacking the expertise to accurately plot a course forward and require help understanding the full capabilities of the cloud.

Cloud Transformation Primers always follow the same four-stage process outlined below.


Day 1 - Pre-Workshop Call

  • Brief call to discuss: Business Priorities, Cloud Strategy, Cloud Adoption Drivers, Challenges, and Cloud Initiatives. Used to tailor workshops to customer requirements.

Day 2-3 - Current State Review Workshop

  • Capture business objectives and considerations to identify how the cloud can help solve business challenges.

Day 4 - Possible Future State Workshop

  • Outline and Plan changes to existing IT people, processes, and tools that support the upcoming transformation journey.

Day 5 - Executive Summary

  • Summary report and proposal for next steps


  1. Executive Summary Report - Summary of findings during the workshop, high-level timeline with milestones, identification of early wins, and definition of success criteria.

  2. Next Steps Proposal - Future recommended options tailored to the customer's requirements.

Price varies based on T&M needed to deliver this 5-day assessment.