Data Strategy Workshop: 2 Weeks


The Data Strategy Workshop is a 4 week strategic engagement for Enterprises that are struggling to formulate a vision for their data and analytics activities.


Discovery (3 Days Onsite)

  • Intensive discovery workshops with data and cloud experts where we 1) Uncover business goals, success drivers, and pain points 2) Evaluate current customer landscape and architecture and 3) Identify business use cases of high priority.

Analysis and Prototyping (Up to 11 days Onsite & Remote)

  • Analysis of the requirements around the use cases identified to help us build a Data Strategy Roadmap. This can include a prototype design and build that meets a given use case to showcase business value, which adds another 2 weeks to the workshop.

Recommendation (1 Day Onsite)

  • Delivery of a Data Strategy Roadmap


The client receives a Data Strategy Roadmap which includes the following:

  1. Actionable Implementation Plan with a Strategic Vision & Long Term Considerations

  2. Vendor specific guidance & tradeoffs

  3. Comprehensive Proposal & Playbook

The Data Strategy Workshop + Prototype will be 2 weeks longer and adds an additional $40K USD to the cost.