Application Strategy Workshop: 4 Weeks


Application Strategy provides customers with an strategic and actionable set of recommendations for their application so that they can realize the full value of the cloud.


Phase 1 (Remote) - Week 1

  • Internal Kick Off, Team Preparation, and Customer Kick Off

Phase 2 (Onsite) - Week 2

  • Discovery & Information Collection

Phase 3 (Remote) - Week 3

  • Analysis & Recommendations

Phase 4 & 5 (Remote or Onsite) - Week 4

  • Recommendations Presentation and Close Out


  1. Modernization Recommendations & Roadmap - A set of recommendations on how to leverage cloud-native design patterns to drive operational efficiency, increased reliability, faster time to market or cost savings.

  2. Business Case - Our team ties each of these recommendations to the investment required and expected outcomes. This information enables the customer to get buy-in from their leadership on the plan.

  3. Executive Briefing - An executive briefing to application owners, business unit leaders, and IT leaders on the recommendations and investment required to realize the benefit.