Secure Azure and Azure AD: 4-Hours Briefing

Cloud Solutions Partners

It’s time you improve the security of Microsoft Azure Active Directory by analyzing the modifications that your users make on this mission-critical, cloud-based infrastructure.

If you have any problems with your employees in using data and applications, we are here to help and explain how Azure Active Directory works and how you can benefit of this service. With Azure AD capabilities, employees can use data and applications such as Office 365, Exchange Online, OneDrive, and other services with Azure AD capabilities.

Enterprises are increasingly transferring information from their on-premises Active Directory system to Azure Active Directory to take advantage of the benefits that cloud platforms provide.

How we can help

• You identify the underlying problems that are affecting your Active Directory

• Keep track of every change that occurs in your Active Directory

• Demonstrate opportunities for your organization

• Know your Microsoft technology alternatives and how to make the best choices for your company

Our professional services team will assist you in understanding the challenges associated with securing Azure and Azure Active Directory, as well as the capabilities provided by the products.

We at Cloud Solutions Partners are positioned to address your business challenges, as we did for other several valuable customers by using technology and believe that any business deserves the right set of people and ideas to achieve their goal in the market.

This free session will be used to agree on the precise duration, price, and scope of the Project, and is subject to custom terms and conditions.