Azure-Cloud Business Discovery: 1 Week Briefing

Cloud Solutions Partners

We will work with you to illustrate how you can benefit from Microsoft Azure and cloud technologies, as well as how we can assist you in driving successful outcomes.

Our capability center in deploying, migrating, and securing Microsoft Azure cloud applications and services enabled our clients to meet their business outcomes. We will show you how you can take advantage of our experience as well.

Discovery phase steps

• Determine business goals

• User journey mapping

• Technical analysis

• Discovery report

Discovery phase outcomes:

• Identify your needs

• Define the strong and weak sides of the business solution

• Discovering the best product development solutions

• We show our capability to deliver cloud applications and services on Microsoft Azure

• Benefit from the expertise of a highly skilled team: solution architect, SME, business analysts and Power Platform developers.


• Reduce uncertainty

• Goals and instructions to the engineering team

• Identifying the best solutions to your business objectives

• Improve your solution at an early stage

What you receive

Following a successful discovery phase, you will be able to see how the initial brief and requirements were transformed into final deliverables that outline the next steps in the product or solution development. We will provide you with a short/medium/long-term strategy and an actionable roadmap so you can transform your business immediately.

Clients that benefit from Discovery phase with us

• Refinitiv

• NetworkRail

• Heathrow Airport

• Glasgow Airport

• NHS England


• Avanade

• Volvo

• AllianZ

This discovery session, which is free of charge, will be used to agree on the exact duration, price, and scope of the Project, and is subject to custom terms and conditions.