Azure Synapse Link: 4-Hour Briefing

Cloud Solutions Partners

Now it’s easier than ever to benefit from real-time insights into your data in Microsoft Dataverse by using Azure Synapse Link.

Because of a tight seamless integration between Dataverse and Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Synapse Link enables you to run analytics, business intelligence, and machine learning scenarios on your data.


• we discuss your business objectives

• we assist you in identifying areas of opportunity for scaling your organization

• we provide you with a demonstration of the Azure Synapse Link's effectiveness

• learn how you can benefit from Azure Synapse and what are the next steps for implementing

Briefing benefits

• We connect your Dataverse data to your Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 account

• Back up your PowerApps tables to an Azure Storage Account

• Examine the data stored in Blob Storage

• Query data on your terms

• Get a service with high availability and disaster recovery for big data analytics

• Save your data in Common Data Model format

• Consistency across apps and deployments

• Benefit from real-time insights

We at Cloud Solutions Partners are positioned to address your business challenges, as we did for other several valuable customers by using technology and believe that any business deserves the right set of people and ideas to achieve their goal in the market.

This free session will be used to agree on the precise duration, price, and scope of the Project, and is subject to custom terms and conditions.