Application Modernization to Azure 5-Days workshop

Dario IT Solutions ltd.

Cloud Valley’s migration process to help your company migrate to the cloud

Cloud Valley’s migration process constitutes four main steps. These steps allow for a successful and organized migration, while providing full transparency to ensure client expectations are understood, shared, and fulfilled. This process creates maximum success for the process while meeting predetermined goals. The steps are:​

Assessment - Analysis of requirements, analysis of the current situation, refactoring, and creation of a migration plan. ​ Migration - Migration of the application and the data in accordance with an orderly plan and milestones that enable customer follow-up and consistent progress, either re-Architect or re-platform on Azure Managed cloud services such as AKS, App Services, APP GW and more​ Hardening & Monitoring - Monitoring and securing the environment’s information in accordance with best practices, while adapting to customer’s needs and the required compliance. This includes Azure Landing Zone and Governance, RBAC, network segmentation, endpoint protection, Azure WAF and other applicative hardening, Infra and App logging via Azure Monitor, Log Analytics, Sentinel and more.​ Operations - Operating the environment until the final transition to production, including an orderly transfer. Assist customer design CI/CD and automation utilizing Azure Devops, Arm and Terraform templates for IaaC and more.​

Agenda (Full agenda presented under the supporting documents) Day 1 • Introduction • Product review

Day2 • SW & App Architecture

Day3 • Cloud Concepts

Day 4 • Business & Operations

Day 5 • Present Deliveries • Discuss and Review SOW, Resources and Cost estimations • Summary