Cloud Team Managed Services: 4-Wk Implementation


A comprehensive 24x7 Managed Service that includes Monitoring, Support, Security and Governance, Cost Optimisation and everything that is needed for a modern Cloud Platform.

YOUR NEEDS: - Confidence in the availability of core workloads and applications - Risk management for system security & reliability - Governance to ensure cost optimisation - Savings delivered & reported monthly - Person-centric services leveraging latest technology - More connectivity & community participation. MEASURES OF SUCCESS: - Performing at an acceptable level - Operating in a secure manner - Using resources in a cost-effective manner - Leveraging the latest technologies. Our aim is to leverage the power of the cloud to deliver real business value in ways that were never possible before.

SERVICE OFFERINGS: - 24x7 Support - 24x7 Monitoring - Capacity Management - Security and Governance - Cost Optimisation - Cloud Architecture as a Service - Disaster Recovery Validation