Identity & Access Management: 4-day Assessment


Synchronising on-premises Active Directory accounts to Azure Active Directory

Cobweb’s Azure Identity and Access Management service has been created to ensure that businesses implement the best possible security as they move to the cloud, and moving forward maintain that best practice. The service starts by helping businesses plan and implement directory synchronisation between on-premises Active Directory and Azure AD, and to activate enhanced security elements within the service, such as multi-factor authentication and third-party application integration. Once deployed, Cobweb’s experts can monitor and manage the solution to ensure identity security is maintained at the highest level. The services comprise three phases:

  1. Assessment - comprising a:
  • consultation workshop to cover business goals and Azure AD Identity and Access Management configuration concepts and features, to help with understanding deployment options
  • detailed assessment of the on-premises Active Directory and infrastructure to document the overall health, configuration and versions of the current identity infrastructure
  • a report detailing assessment outcomes, and the steps required to implement directory synchronisation using the agreed configuration options, and to include the changes needed to the on-premises Active Directory and surrounding infrastructure necessary to support the change.
  1. Implementation - deployment of the necessary services and agents for the desired configuration is delivered in two key stages: a pilot to provide assurance the solution is working as expected, followed by the full roll-out of the solution across the business.