Azure Assessment: Azure Strategy & Migration Plan


Let our team guide you to Azure by building an evidence-based business case for your Azure migration.

We developed our own assessment tool to help you make the right decisions and when planning your Azure migration.

It's called CloudLift and here’s how we do it:

  1. Our unique applications focus. Every engagement at Codify begins with analysis of your existing infrastructure to build an application portfolio.

  2. The 6Rs. For each of your applications we identify a migration strategy. Codify uses the industry-leading Six Cloud Migration Strategies, commonly referred to as the ‘6Rs’, this ensures we cover everything from the retiring old applications to rearchitecting them to cloud-native Platform-as-a-Service offerings.

  3. Migration planning. Our work together throughout the CloudLift Assessment makes migration planning simple and straightforward, resulting in a timeline that accounts for phases such as Pilot projects, Azure Foundations and Migration.

During this this 3-week engagement you and your team will be involved in the process of analysis and technical workshops and business case development. The agenda for this engagement includes:

Week 1 - CloudLift Assessment Agent deployment Your team will deploy an agent to Windows and Linux servers to collect telemetry from your existing environment

Week 2 - Analysis workshops Codify's Azure Consultants will lead workshops with your team to categories discovered items (websites, databases, reports) into applications and understand your business usage of them. Multiple workshops are held, with 2 hours required for each 50 servers within your existing environment.

Week 3 - Cloud Solution Planning Codify's Azure Consultants will lead workshops to understand your cloud strategy and build solutions for your applications and roadmap for migration.

At the conclusion of this engagement you will have a detailed migration plan, business case and costed commercial plan.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Codify maybe able to seek co-investment in this offering from Microsoft. Learn more at