AI Design Experience: 7-Day Proof of Concept

Codit BVBA

Turn your AI vision into reality with this quick-start program

In this quick-start program, our dedicated AI team will help you fine-tune your AI business case, equip you with a deeper understanding of the Microsoft AI technology and develop a customized proof of concept built from your data.

What we will do

  • Build your ideal AI business case with a targeted kick-off and consultation during an interactive workshop
  • Further sharpen your AI vision through real-world case studies
  • Demonstrate how an AI solution is put into action with our tried and true approach
  • Lay the groundwork for a proof of concept made with your actual data
    Ensure maximum impact by integrating your data


  • A complete AI business case and customized prototype based on your data (including detailed objectives, mapped data sources and streams, keys for model execution, guidelines for feedback, factors for measuring success, and outlines for future scenarios)
  • Expert insights on the Azure PaaS architecture and how to leverage it in your organization
  • Clear next steps, roadmap, and an estimate for putting the plan into action