Application Modernization : 5-day assessment

Codit BVBA

Assess a legacy application, as a first step in the journey of modernizing your applications

There are dozens of Azure services that you can choose to modernize your application. The skill is in choosing the ones your business needs while keeping costs under control. Codit helps you to design, build and run an enterprise-grade secure Azure PaaS architecture for your application that seamlessly integrates with existing enterprise data and processes.

Assessing that legacy application is the start of that process, by looking into detail at crucial aspects like the application architecture, patterns, the ALM/DevOps approach used to develop that application and the Infrastructure and Operations that support the application.

With real world experience on building resilient cloud platforms, our cloud architect will review both technical and business requirements of your current solution, apply best practices and identify the recommendations for the new implementation.

What you will get:

  • app modernization architecture for the chosen application
  • documented improvement areas for your Application, DevOps, Infra and Ops
  • A high-level roadmap to fix these areas via Azure PaaS architecture refactoring