Codurance's Cloud Native Review - 3-day Assessment

Codurance Ltd

Codurance’s 3-day Cloud Native Review measures the current maturity of your technology and provides an actionable plan to harness the power of the Microsoft Azure Cloud to evolve your business.

Our team of Codurance experts will spend 3 days with your application and infrastructure architects and your business stakeholders to understand if your software and business architecture are currently delivering what the business needs and what needs to be done in order to maximise the opportunities presented by the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Day 1 Orientation workshops to understand the state of your systems

  • The current infrastructure landscape
  • The current software assets landscape
  • The structure of the teams in product, business and technology that manage the value streams of your organisation

Day 2 Product and Technology Visioning Workshops

  • Understand the constraints on your business imposed by your current technology landscape
  • Shape the technical vision so that it is capable of servicing your future business needs

Day 3 Applications Deep Dives

  • Identification of the most important assets within the organisation
  • Deep dive into the architecture of those assets to start to understand the work needed to make them Cloud Native

Outcomes and deliverables

After the 3 day assessment our experts will spend up to two weeks working to create the custom action plan for your business. We will present the findings back to your stakeholders which will include:
  • A clear set of recommendations that can be carried out immediately without any outside help
  • A technical vision aligned to your business and product visions
  • A roadmap for immediate implementation and a proposal identifying where and how Codurance can help you re-architect your business and systems to be Cloud Native