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Azure Data Jumpstart: 2-Wk PoC

Coeo Ltd

Accelerate the migration of your data platform to Azure

Are you:

  • Using SQL Server on premises and considering a move to Azure?
  • Planning to deploy a new database in Azure for the first time?
  • Running old SQL Server versions and want to modernize?

Microsoft SQL Server has become an essential platform for many organizations. The growth of data and SQL Server deployments within an organization is often organic, driven by project and application delivery. This can lead to a complex and diverse estate which ultimately creates increased complexity, risk and operational costs.

Data workloads are often compute and storage intensive, so many organizations are keen to understand the cost control, security and governance features of Azure to ensure their move is optimized and delivers a cost effective solution.

We have helped many organizations create a strategy to guide deployment of their data platform and support the needs of modern analytics users. The Coeo Azure Data Jumpstart helps customers assess their current estate, improve agility and create a plan for modernization as they move to Microsoft Azure. The output from this engagement is frequently used to create a business case to make the change.

Coeo’s Approach

To do this, we:

  • Assess your current environment
  • Model how your estate could be modernized and deployed in Microsoft Azure
  • Create a high-level roadmap to take you to a modernized solution
  • Deliver a pilot data platform migration
  • Provide a presentation to stakeholders including: Cloud data strategy, benefits of modernization, outcome of the pilot migration

The benefits

The Jumpstart will:

  • Minimize your organization's risk as our experienced team migrate your first workload from on-premises to Azure
  • Demonstrate the benefits of running in Azure
  • Provide evidence for a business case to migrate the wider data environment

It is ideal for IT, Operations and Technical Project Managers looking to modernise their database solutions.


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