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Data Security Architecture Workshop: 2-Wk Workshop

Coeo Ltd

Secure and protect sensitive data, maintain compliance.

Are you:

  • Thinking about migrating sensitive data to Azure?
  • Considering deploying a data warehouse or analytics solution, but need to ensure compliance?
  • Wanting to understand what cloud and data platform features are best to protect your data assets?

Modern organizations store and access large volumes of sensitive data on sales, products and customers. With regulation and consumer concern rising, securing this data to ensure it is protected at rest, in transit and at point of access is critical.

If your organization is embarking on a new project that requires storing sensitive data in the Microsoft data platform, if you are concerned about compliance with regulation such as GDPR and PCI-DSS or want to define standards for new projects to follow best practice, the Data Security Architecture workshop is for you.

Coeo’s Approach

To do this, we: * Define organization's data security maturity * Identify data assets and capture key threats * Provide a high-level data security solution design * Present a roadmap to implementation activities

Following the maturity assessment, we create a roadmap to implement security measures to protect your most valuable data assets. This will be presented in detail by our consultant, alongside the validated data solution we recommend.

The benefits:

The Workshop delivers:

  • Identification of your organization's most pressing data security challenges
  • Recommendations of security issues and best practices to resolve the issues identified
  • A roadmap to guide you through remediation

Why Coeo?

Coeo is Europe’s number one data platform specialist. Our team work with the latest Microsoft technologies every day and bring this experience to each customer engagement, working with you to understand your business, your processes and your needs and providing recommendations specifically tailored to your environment.