Cloud Transformation : 4 Weeks Assessment

Coforge Limited

Cloud Transformation is safeguarding customers from the fear of missing the next big thing for their organization.

Coforge Ltd.'s Cloud Transformation Service helps in initiating the transformation journey by containerizing old and legacy applications and transforming them into a cloud-based modern architecture at a lightning speed. We leverage Azure VDI for fast-track and risk-free VDI migrations and transformations. Apart from VDI transformations. Transformation doesn't require changing the existing code thus organizations can avoid the callous operational risk and complexities.

End-to-end Cloud Transformation: Discovery, Application Assessment, Migration Planning & Tracking

Making your cloud transformation a success from beginning to end

Coforge Cloud Transformation (CT) helps the Cloud Center of Excellence and cloud consulting professionals to save costs, reduce risks and speed up cloud migrations by automating assessment, comparing cloud target architectures, automating migration wave planning and tracking migrations.

Benefits for your Cloud Transformation with Azure:

Increased Transformation Speed Reduced Migration Risk Reduced Costs Standardized and Trackable Process Cloud Compliance Transparent Transformation Process

Use Cases - Cloud Transformation Scenario Simulation The transformation scenario simulation feature performs fast application-level analysis that enable the comparison of migration scenarios at scale. For example, you can compare the technical and financial implications of a Lift-and-Shift migration versus a full-blown containerization.

Cloud Transformation Business Case Calculation The business case calculation feature compares the current costs - (both cloud and on-premises) - to alternative deployment models in either the public cloud or your private cloud.

Cloud Application (Readiness) Assessment The cloud assessment feature collects data about applications and their tech-stack to calculate technical cloud readiness, cloud business value and migration risk.

Cloud Target Architecture Comparison The Coforge platform generates target architectures for your preferred migration strategies, such as re-platforming or containerization. This allows you to compare and select the best cloud architecture based on technical and financial aspects.

Migration Roadmap Planning Coforge takes all the applications that are in-scope for a cloud move and helps you plan their migration as migration waves. It is crucial to plan migrations based on criteria and relationships. Coforge makes it easy to find out which applications are run in the same data centers and for which applications the same cloud service providers have been selected and similar migration strategies will get applied.