Azure ML : 8 hours Briefing

Cognitive Machines

Cognitive Machines aims to enable small and medium enterprises to harness the power of AI. We can identify AI driven data transformation opportunities for your business.

Developing cognitive products that leverage the recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence can be daunting. We enable small and medium enterprises to harness the power of AI and deliver innovative products in an effective manner. We are a highly motivated and dedicated team which works relentlessly with the clients and customers to ensure that their products become a success story. We help you design and build your future products with the best AI technologies.

Our Microsoft certified Data Scientists will help you at every stage of your growth. Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Data Science and Analytics are our areas of expertise. We look forward to partnering with you and enabling your business to evolve using AI.

Briefing strategy

  • Our team will hold a detailed discussion with your team to identify the data centric business transformation goals
  • Our certified data scientist will advise on the best way forward to address your goals
  • We will advise your team on the opportunities, risks and risk mitigation strategies when working with data pertaining to your problem statement
  • We will define a AI implementation plan detailing the data collection process, data cleanup procedure, algorithm selection and hardware requirements
  • We will advise on a reference architecture and provide price estimates for Azure resources involved in the AI solution
  • We will document the assessment and provide a blueprint that can be used as a template for further AI application development processes