AVS: 4-6 Weeks Assessment


1.AVS solution helps us to perform easy migration using R-strategy. 2.Skill gap assessment of your current staff 3.License review 4.Lift and shift

Azure VMware Solution provides you with private clouds that contain vSphere clusters built from dedicated bare-metal Azure infrastructure. Hosts, clusters, and private clouds. Azure VMware Solution private clouds and clusters are built from a bare-metal, hyper-converged Azure infrastructure host.

Step 1: Full-service Program Management, Discovery and Migration Team model aligned to provide migration scale, reduce risk, and enterprise management.

Establishes key customer drivers and anticipated business outcomes for cloud move which serve as baselines for transformation approach and validation point for business justification.

Step 2: Discovery and Disposition

Assesses a set of VMS & apps serving as MVP for the complete ecosystem. Our proprietary BV/TV (Business Value/Technical Value) 6R framework and Upshift Cloud suitability assessment tool enable strategic guidance on the approach for disposition to Azure targets.

Step 3: Define Landing Zone

Azure Landing Zone or Cloud Control Plane is defined in this step based on industry best practices. Azure VMware Solution combines VMware's Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) software with Microsoft's Azure global cloud service ecosystem. In addition, Azure VMware Solution meets performance, availability, security, and compliance requirements.

Step 4: Plan Execution

Defines target architecture, methodology and transformation cost modelling. Azure Migrate and ASR with Upshift tool automates app assessment.

Step 5: Model Operations

VM & Server-based pricing model with migration only. Customer provides discovery and program management. Infra monitoring, measurement strategy and cloud operations role. Indicative Azure operation costs computed are compared against the existing allowing ROI computation and business justification.

Why is this different?

VMware workloads from on-premises environments to Azure without the cost, effort or risk of re-architecting applications or retooling operations. An accelerated assessment framework that focuses on the app and prioritizes disposition to Azure Cloud Native targets. Combines industry-leading best practices, Cognizant & native tools bundled with an experiences into a reusable resource like

  • Infra + App analysis over 100+ attribute
  • BV/TV – 6R APR assessment
  • Azure Migration & ASR with Upshift Cloud suitability assessment
  • Lift and Shift with ROI modelling templates
  • Azure TCO and Pricing Calculator

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