Cognizant Cloud Migrate: 2 Wk Implementation


Migrate your enterprise data center to the secure cloud with modern tooling, custom blueprints, governance and optimization. Accelerate your cloud adoption to achieve digital business at scale.

Accelerated, factory-based, agile framework for migrating and transforming enterprise data center workloads to cloud using best of breed tools, custom blueprints, governance and optimization. Leveraging synergies across App and Infra, Cloud Migrate expedites migration, reduces cost of defects using repeatable processes delivered with consistent quality. Cloud Migrate also supports integrated DevOps pipeline with layered Cloud Security Model for effective cloud adoption.
Develop your solution on Azure with DevOps and Automation driven, migration and transformation enabled cloud adoption. Customers migrating to the cloud with Cognizant can build a custom solution on Microsoft Azure and scale quickly with Microsoft's robust application offerings to securely manage their digital business transformation. By leveraging the Microsoft technology stack, businesses can quickly migrate to the cloud without having to develop in house solutions while reducing current costs.