Pega Azure Cloud Service Automation: 8 Week Impl


Cognizant Pega Azure Cloud Service Automation enables the customer to setup Pega-based CRM platform on Azure

Unlock the full potential of Pega on Azure with automation and pre-defined blueprints

Set up Pega-based CRM platform on Azure with a 2-stage process, to achieve greater scalability and high availability solution on Azure while gaining control over cost, time and implementation uncertainties.

Our approach leverages pre-defined, proven architectural blueprints and enables end-to-end automation for provisioning infrastructure and configuring Pega-framework on Azure based IaaS/PaaS resources.

Phase 1: Assessment (2 weeks)
  • Assess customer's IT landscape related to Pega setup through discussions with customer for foundational readiness
  • Identify and notify customer of additional efforts and readiness-gaps for Pega-setup based on requirements, scope & automation feasibility
  • Update Pega Blueprint on Azure based on customer readiness
  • Phase 2: Pega Platform Provisioning & Validation (2 weeks)
  • Update Infrastructure as Code with ensured credentials-privacy
  • Integrate Terraform, Ansible scripts with customer-provided DevOps platform to enable CI/CD via DevOps pipeline
  • Run and validate script modules to provision Pega-nodes, install Pega software components, and configure Pega frameworks (e.g. marketing, customer services)
  • Perform infrastructure testing and sign-off
  • Key Deliverables:
  • Customized Pega-architecture Blueprint, consisting of distributed instances of nodes including web-nodes, background-nodes, stream-nodes, real-time-nodes, admin-nodes
  • Automation scripts for Pega infrastructure provisioning and configuration setup on Azure
  • Provisioned environment on Azure
  • Cognizant's Pega-Automation-Assets make it easier to introduce updates to existing/new Pega nodes (domain-specific related to finance, mortgage, etc) by replicating provisioning and configuration patterns from Terraform and Ansible based pre-verified scripts.