OneFacility - 6wk Implementation


Accelerated delivery of best-in-class Smart Spaces solution using Cognizant’s OneFacility for improved energy utilization, comfort and occupancy management and reduced operational cost

Building Smart Spaces solution with OneFacility

Coming Soon: OneFacility with Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability!

Cognizant’s OneFacility solution accelerator builds on the Azure Cloud platform capabilities to monitor and interpret environment and equipment data from facilities and related sources to provide automated real-time energy, occupancy and operations management as well as preventive maintenance and tracking of environmental systems and equipment. It effortlessly integrates with BMS, HVAC, lighting, plug load, elevators control systems, occupancy and other sensors. It gives multiple stakeholders real time analytical insights and comprehensive visibility into the performance and costs of all an organization’s facilities, enabling informed decision-making.

Among its benefits are:

  • A single view of all aspects of a facility
  • Improved energy utilization – supporting your corporate sustainability goals
  • Comfort and occupancy management
  • Enablement of proactive and remote field servicing
  • Reduced operations and maintenance costs
  • New revenue streams through data monetization

This accelerator enables the creation of a digital twin of a facility, detects changes in asset and facility parameters and triggers continuous adjustments to optimize performance. Event processing and analytics predict when equipment is close to failure and prompts repairs, increasing equipment’s reasonable useful life and reducing costs.

It learns best practices and processes from top performing buildings as well as demands on people, systems and assets to reduce costs and increase productivity.

The solution is based on a scalable microservices-based architecture and leverages Azure services such as IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, Event Hub, Machine Learning, Azure Service Fabrics, Azure Document DB, etc. Specialized micro services are available to meet specialized needs such as indoor positioning, activity based and visitor handling.

Using OneFacility, our experienced consulting teams can deliver Smart Spaces solution in as little as 6 weeks.