Cloud Health Check: 4-Week Assessment

Collective Insights

Analyze Active Directory and Azure environment to help the client with application and compliance transitions to achieve best practices in alignment with client business goals.

Collective Insights will conduct discovery workshops and review your current on-prem infrastructure to assist you in determining priorities for the migration of each application to the cloud and make cloud strategy recommendations. Collective Insights will also review your Azure environment to identify configurations that do not meet Microsoft's best practice regarding configuration and structure.
We will analyze the platform configuration, resource grouping, networking, and connectivity. We will review your Azure costs, backup and recovery implementation, and governance strategies.
We will identify technical requirements for your applications and deployments, reviewing their architecture, and analyzing their migration priority. We will determine the current app authentication, dependencies on other systems, and compliance requirements, making recommendations for each, based on cost, risk, and ease to migrate.
This solution helps clients address their concerns regarding their Azure configuration quality, those who wish to adhere to best practices, and helps those interested in migrating their on-prem application infrastructure to Azure, regardless of where they are in their cloud journey.
Collective Insights will develop Findings and a set of recommendations for the best practice configuration. Collective Insights will create an Assessment and Readiness Report, including a set of recommendations for your go-to-cloud strategy.