Cloud Infrastructure 5-Day Assessment

Combis d.o.o.

Provide customer with answers on every possible question they might have on using Azure. Which Azure technology to use for what purpose, Cloud Only or Hybrid, and at what cost

The Cloud Assessment 5-day engagement is a service offered by COMBIS to help organizations evaluate their cloud readiness and identify potential opportunities of using Azure. During this engagement, Azure experts work closely with your team to assess your existing infrastructure, as well as your business objectives. The engagement includes the following activities: Kickoff meeting: Understanding your organization's goals and objectives for cloud adoption. Infrastructure assessment: Evaluating your existing on-premises infrastructure, including servers, storage, networking Use cases: Identification of use cases and Azure services usage scenarios Cost assessment: Estimating the potential cost savings and optimization opportunities by using Azure Security and compliance assessment: Reviewing your organization's security and compliance requirements, and identifying any potential risks or gaps in the cloud environment. Recommendations and roadmap: Providing a comprehensive report with recommendations for your organization's cloud adoption strategy, including a migration roadmap and timeline. Presentation and discussion: Presenting the findings and recommendations to key stakeholders, addressing any questions or concerns. The Cloud Assessment engagement aims to help your organization make informed decisions and develop a clear plan for adopting cloud technologies. It provides valuable insights and recommendations to help you optimize your infrastructure, applications, and data for a successful cloud migration.