Custom software development: 1-day Assessment

Comminus d.o.o.

Custom software development on Microsoft Azure

There are uncertainties in every software project. It’s our job to make sure there aren’t surprises as well. We provide progressively refined deliveries, estimates (both for schedule and cost) throughout a project so that you control your own priorities.

This offer covers first phase (Proposal phase) and seeks to determine the vision of your project. We will schedule a few conversations, get a sense of your overarching goals, and give you a rough ballpark range for what sort of budget might be required to meet your needs, technical proposal based on Microsoft Azure cloud services as well as associated costs of running the solution on Microsoft Azure.

We begin projects with a Foundation Phase, in which we work with you to flesh out requirements and create user-interface mockups. We then develop your system over a series of incremental stages, each one demonstrating new, tested features, finishing with a full release.