Digital Service Platform: 3 weeks assessment

Communicate Norge AS

A "Digital Service Platform" is the foundation for all companies to compete in today’s market as it enables you to offer innovative solutions to the market at a high speed.

A Digital Platform is the foundation for all companies to meet market demands and empowering businesses to offer new and innovative solutions at a faster pace. A Digital Platform releases the potential that already resides within your legacy systems as it collects, secures, and shares locked-in data in a way never possible before. Time-To-Market is the key concept of beating the competition, and a “Digital Platform” is an essential component to achieve this.

With pre-configured installation-templates and standardized integration, Communicate will implement a Digital Platform with reduced risk and cost. The assessment will result in a Digital Service Platform design based on expected business outcome. The design will utilize pre-configured templates and standardized tools and technologies leading to a Digital Platform implementation with reduced complexity, cost and risk.

The Platform design will address the following main areas:

API Management (Azure API management) *Secured APIs with access to data and functionality *Provide access to APIs for Digital Service through a searchable API Catalogue

Integration design based on *Azure IPaaS integration services *Communicate Standard Integrations Services running on Azure

Information Model design *Custom Information Modeling *Design of Multipurpose Data Cache based on Azure CosmosDb for accessing and exposing core information

Configuration, Customizations and added features based on customer needs

The assessment has an estimated timeframe of 3 Weeks with the following output:

Week 1 *Platform delivery model *Governance model *Roles and responsibilities

Week 2 *Information Modeling *Integration Analysis

Week 3 *Customization Analysis *Digital Platform Design

The delivery from the assessment will be the starting point for implementation of a Digital Service Platform targeting customers business needs. Our mission is to help your business get to the front line of innovation and stay ahead of your competition.