Data Center Migration: 2 Weeks Proof of Concept

Communication Square LLC

This 2 week Proof of Concept is designed to help customers see understand the benefits by modernizing the IT infrastructure.

###Process The Communication Square team will require access to existing customer environment.

An Azure Certified Consultant will then share with you an Azure Architecture recommendations which will be helpful in implementation phase.

###Deliverables 1. Current IT infrastructure review report. 2. Necessary infrastructure and Azure deployments. 3. Dependency mapping. 4. Network topology. 5. Checklists for pre and post migration. 6. Cost analysis report. 7. Migration Roadmap 8. Estimated downtime needed.

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###About Communication Square
Communication Square is a Microsoft Co-Sell Ready Gold Partner with 10 Gold Competencies. We are trusted to provide SMEs with ready solutions to help manage, migrate, and protect their data.