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Business Continuity System: 2 Week PoC

Communication Square LLC

2-WK Proof of Concept: Business Continuity System – Recover Business Disasters

This offer is for every IT Director who wants to minimize downtime with dependable recovery, reduce infrastructure costs, or easily run disaster recovery drills, without affecting ongoing replication.

This Proof of Concept is designed to re-imagine how your business approaches customer experience & continuous up-time. Our experts will spin up a basic instance of Azure Site Recovery along with the complete list of deliverable below.

Deliverables: 1. You receive Demo of our own Production Environment showing an ideal use case of Business Continuity System in action! 2. You receive report and analyze your existing Server Infrastructure and prepare a list of everything that needs to be made highly available. 3. You receive Business Continuity Guide explaining the disaster recovery features you should enable for each of the listed core business workloads. 4. You receive Complete Infrastructure Assessment explaining the costs you will incur in production. 5. You receive Setup Disaster Recovery for 1 Non-Production Server.

Agenda Week 1 • Assessment of application requirements, user personas and business goals • Prepare report with suggested deployment and usage plan • Presentation to the management team • Q&A Session Week 2 • Setup and backend provisioning of your solution • Go-Live – Start your Business Continuity

About Communication Square Communication Square LLC is a Microsoft Gold Partner that focuses on data. We strongly believe the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but rather data. The effective use of data is what can make or break a business. If the same data gets in the hands of competitors or is stolen - it can completely wipe-out a business.