Application Migration for Cloud: 10 weeks impl.

Computer Concepts Limited

The Application Migration for cloud service delivers a prescriptive approach that brings together leading technology, automation, services, and best practices to accelerate Microsoft Azure migration.

Migrating applications to Azure can be complex, requiring expertise in appropriate migration processes, tools, and technologies to ensure scale, velocity, safety, and viability.

Our migration approach is based on best practices from hundreds of successful cloud engagements.

As part of the engagement we leverage our extensive cloud experience and IP, our Minimum Viable Cloud (MVC) methodology, our cloud automation framework, and our Migration Operations Centre (MOC) to accelerate cloud migration helping to ensure clients can realise the benefits of Microsoft Azure sooner.

At the end of an engagement, the client will realise the following outcomes and deliverables:

  • Assessment of current infrastructure and applications
  • Development of a detailed cloud migration execution plan
  • Development of a cloud migration architecture
  • Build of a target cloud environment using our Minimum Viable Cloud (MVC) approach
  • Migration of a small set of representative application(s) to test various use cases
  • Scale via the Migration Operations Centre (MOC)
  • Knowledge transfer and enablement of client organisation

Whether clients have a single strategic application or a portfolio of hundreds of applications, this service can be tailored to meet their needs. By approaching migration in a structured, consistent way, clients can increase the likelihood of successful migrations to Microsoft Azure while also putting a foundation in place that allows for ongoing adoption and consumption of Microsoft Azure cloud services.

Estimates for the delivery of this service may vary based on the number of applications, their complexity, internal knowledge and understanding of the applications and their business requirements, and availability of key personnel.