Cloud Strategy Accelerator; 2 day workshop

Computer Concepts Limited

The Cloud Strategy Accelerator helps align goals, business drivers, and benefits of Microsoft Azure adoption, and identifies barriers and success factors of implementing a cloud strategy.

The Cloud Strategy Accelerator comprises two workshops, and subsequent analysis, designed to facilitate discussion around the goals, objectives, business drivers, and benefits of cloud adoption, and works to identify typical barriers, common constraints and key success factors of implementing a cloud transformation programme.

These learnings can then be applied to an organisation’s own specific technology environment, providing information that can be used to address questions around the why, what, and how of cloud transformation.

The Cloud Strategy Accelerator workshops are designed to identify and extract key insights from business stakeholders. These insights are then analysed and presented in the form of an executive readout, to help facilitate decision-making.

Workshop Agenda:

Workshop 1: Establish baseline understanding, covering:

  • Cloud principles
  • Cloud transformation and strategy
  • Barriers, constraints and success factors
  • Security, risk and compliance

Workshop 2: Key strategies and approaches

  • Business drivers – clarity and purpose
  • Transformational appetite
  • Compelling events and timelines
  • Capacity and capabilities

At the end of these workshops, the Leaven team analyses the findings and then prepares and presents an executive-level readout of these findings, together with recommendations. This report can be used as the basis for creating a more comprehensive and targeted cloud strategy, and can help underpin the creation of a cloud business case.

Estimates for the delivery of this service may vary based on the scope of the workshop and the topics to be covered, their complexity, the knowledge and understanding of the personnel involved, and the availability of key personnel.