Security Analysis and Roadmap: 6 week impl.

Computer Concepts Limited

The Security Analysis and Roadmap for Cloud enables clients to assess security gaps with an actionable roadmap to establish a secure cloud.

Security is the number one concern for enterprises considering public cloud adoption.

With deep expertise in both cloud strategy and security, Leaven offers complete and holistic cloud security solutions that address controls, technology, and continuous governance to deliver a secure and compliant cloud that meets regulatory needs and concerns.

The Security Analysis and Roadmap for Cloud service is designed to analyse a client’s current state of security and controls related to operating in the cloud, identifies gaps, and builds a road map to address them, with actionable steps to strengthen cloud security.

At the end of an engagement, the client will realise the following outcomes and deliverables:

  • Review key areas of cloud security concerns
  • Perform gap assessments
  • Create actionable roadmap to strengthen cloud security
  • Create a high-level cloud security reference architecture
  • Develop implementation plan to strengthen the client's cloud security architecture
  • Address control and process concerns associated with regulatory scrutiny

By understanding a client's current state of security and controls related to operating in the cloud, and Microsoft Azure in particular, and then by building a roadmap to address any gaps, clients establish a level of understanding and trust in Microsoft Azure, while also putting a foundation in place that allows for ongoing adoption and consumption of Microsoft Azure cloud services.

Estimates for the delivery of this service may vary based on the number of applications, their complexity, the complexity of the infrastructure and environment, internal knowledge and understanding of the applications and infrastructure, and the availability of those personnel.