Cloud Coaching Service 8 Week Workshop

Compositional IT

Coaching sessions on a regular on-going basis to help keep your cloud applications on the right track.

The overall premise of our coaching service is simple: on a regular basis, one of the Compositional IT coaching team will meet for one hour long sessions with your developers, to discuss and review any issues relating to their adopting of Azure that they're facing. With regular advice from experts, you'll avoid picking up bad practices and habits at an early stage, and instead increase the chance of having a positive and productive experience using Azure. Between sessions, our team will find resources and suggestions based on the previous and next planned session to ensure maximum utilisation.

Typical scenarios include:

  • Code Reviews: Work through your real-world code together, learning how to best apply Azure in your own code-base as code reviews or pull requests.
  • Architectural Review: Our team can discuss and review the architectural decisions that you will face and what the options are, along with pros & cons of each option.
  • Best Practices: Our team will point out common best practices that will result in idiomatic and maintainable Azure applications.
  • Pit of Success: Follow our guidelines to ensure that your team naturally do "the right thing" when designing Azure-enabled APIs and libraries.
  • Tooling: Our team can suggest the right tools and libraries as they learn more about how your team works, providing efficiency gains.