Compugen Azure Cost Optimization


Determine where and how to get the most out of your Azure cloud along with projected potential monthly savings. Save up to 50% or more on your Monthly Azure Consumption.

The Compugen Cost Optimization Process will:

• Provide a free assessment report of multi-faceted, practical opportunities that can be implemented to cut cost.

• A workshop to review the assessment and plan for the implementation.

• A detailed analysis & plan to implement the approved cost cutting opportunities.

• Implement the changes in your Azure environment as agreed to in the plan.

Included the Cost Optimization Analysis & Implementation:

Right Size Resources – Minimize spend by ensuring cloud resources only consume only what they need.

Terminate Zombie Assets - Zombie Assets can include unattached disks, VM’s not being used.

Schedule Downtime - Turning off unused resources at night or during periods of non-use can result in significant savings over time.

License Optimization – An analysis of licensing options that can dramatically reduce costs.

Reserve Resources - Reserving resources for 1-3year terms can provide huge savings (10-55%) opportunities for infrastructure that is always on or frequently used.

Configuration Optimization - Optimizing data tiers, Geo Redundancy, Type of Disk, etc. can dramatically impact the cost.

Resource Tagging & Budgets - Tagging and budgets are tools to ensure proper cost management over time. Informed customers are better able to manage their costs & make decisions.

Note: Terms, Conditions, and Pricing are custom to each engagement.