Microsoft Azure Platform Landing Zones: 2-Wk Implementation


Kickstart your Microsoft Azure environment with a proven foundation and guardrails to reduce risk, build confidence, and drive innovation.

Azure Landing Zones are a framework for building the core infrastructure of an Azure environment through code, resulting in resource consistency, reliable and repeatable deployments, alignment with industry best practices, improved security and compliance, and reduced time-to-value.

Properly preparing the foundation of an Azure environment prior to migration—or realigning an existing Azure footprint to fit into the Landing Zone framework—is crucial to achieving desired business outcomes.

The goal of this engagement is to implement an Azure platform landing zone—a scalable, modular approach to preparing the foundational environment to host cloud workloads. CompuNet will collaborate with you to identify specific requirements and deploy core Azure infrastructure, focusing on the following design areas:

  • Identity and access control
  • Resource organization
  • Network topology and connectivity
  • Platform automation
  • Foundational operations infrastructure
  • Governance
  • Security