Azure VMware Solution 4-Week POC


Azure VMware Solution (AVS) combines the VMware Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) with Microsoft Azure Cloud bare-metal infrastructure. Learn the benefits of Windows Virtualization through our POC.

Azure VMware Solution (AVS) enables you to create a VMware private cloud environment, selecting the compute profile that best fits your VMware workload needs. Delivered and operated as a service, your private cloud environment provides all compute, networking, storage, and software required to extend and migrate your on-premises VMware environments to the Azure cloud, delivering a truly hybrid cloud experience. With direct access to VMware vSphere and NSX Manager, you will maintain operational consistency with your on-premises VMware clouds, while being able to leverage the economics, elasticity, and scale of Azure for your VMware private cloud environments.


Week 1:

  • Kickoff
    • Meet with CompuNet project managers and project team to discuss prerequisites and dependencies (including providing access to Azure + vmWare environments)
    • Discuss goals and desired outcomes of the proof of concept
    • Align on project timelines and logistics (including scheduling, communication preferences)
  • Discover
    • Set up the Azure Migrate Azure VMware Solution Assessment
    • Up to three (3) one-hour discovery working sessions, focused on (but not limited to) the following high-level topics:
      • - Current VMware cluster configuration (validation of minimum requirements, identification of risks) - Existing network topology / connectivity infrastructure (documentation of address spaces, NSX/BGP/DHCP/DNS configurations, etc.)

Week 2:

  • Design
    • Azure Landing Zone design
    • POC design (AVS private cloud, Azure vnet, and AVS cluster design, identification of target workloads)
    • Creation of architecture design documentation and diagrams, and associated Azure cost estimates

Week 3:

  • Deploy
    • Following approval of project plan (and associated estimated costs), CompuNet will collaborate with Customer team to:
      • Make necessary configuration changes to VMware environment on-premises
      • Deploy Azure Landing Zone core infrastructure
      • Deploy Azure VMware solution private cloud and AVS clusters

Week 4:

  • Test & Validate
    • Migrate identified workloads to the AVS PoC environment
    • Testing...

Plan for Production