Application Migration Assessment

Computacenter (UK) Ltd - Hatfield HQ

Provides a detailed business and operational assessment of an application portfolio to decide application target fates before migration to the Azure platform.

A successful migration to Azure is predicated by fully understanding the workloads in scope for migration and correctly deciding if and how they should be migrated. Our bespoke assessment service uses hundreds of data points to make data driven decisions on application fates aligned to the business and operational drivers of a customer. This data is gathered using either tooling or workshop-based information gathering. Based on the 6 ‘R’s methodology a decision tree creates recommendations for each workload in scope ass to if and how it is best migrated to Azure, be that ‘lift and shift’, refactoring or re-architecting as examples. This ensures the best use and value to the business is driven from the correct adoption of Azure services. Duration & pricing to be used as guidance only. We offer banded levels of cost and time based on the number of workloads to be assessed. Any procurement would be fully scoped prior to price & duration being agreed.

Pricing and duration cannot be confirmed until an assessment has taken place as it is dependant on the number of applications.