AVS: 2-Wk Proof of Concept

Computacenter (UK) Ltd - Hatfield HQ

Our Azure VMware Solution POC is intended as a starting point to demonstrate the real value this service can bring to an organisation who are looking to accelerate their migration into Azure.

Azure VMware Solution (AVS) allows customers to seamlessly migrate existing VMware based workloads into an Azure environment, minimising operational risk whilst accelerating cloud adoption and the integration of Azure native services. Our POC service will demonstrate how easy it is for an organisation to implement, configure, migrate workloads into and then operate AVS.

We utilise a 3-node trial cluster for the POC to demonstrate connectivity to an on-premises environment and will share our discovery and migration experience to move some test workloads into AVS.

The objective of this service is for decision makers and technically focussed Infrastructure and Operations individuals to feel comfortable in the value of AVS and understand the benefits it can offer.


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