Azure Well Architectured Review

Computacenter (UK) Ltd - Hatfield HQ

Aligned to the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework, the review service examines existing Azure deployments and highlights improvements.

The Azure Well-Architected Framework is a set of guiding tenets that can be used to improve the quality of a workload. The framework consists of five pillars of architecture excellence: Cost Optimisation, Operational Excellence, Performance Efficiency, Reliability, and Security. Incorporating these pillars helps produce a high quality, stable, and efficient cloud architectures. Our service assesses existing Azure workloads against these pillars to provide an actionable plan for improvements and includes a full workload review for in-scope systems using Azure native tools alongside interviews with application owners and operations teams to understand usage patterns and architecture decisions that have been made. A report is then provided to highlight any areas for improvement showing the recommended remediation actions which will be explored during a review workshop. If required, Computacenter can also support any remediation activity.

Pricing & length of engagement cannot be confirmed until it is fully scoped.