Skykraft Cloud Adoption Service: 3w workshop

Computas AS

Skykraft Cloud Adoption Services is a series of services that help the customers to accelerate their adoption journey to the cloud, utilizing the full potential of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform

The Skykraft Cloud Adoption Services are a series of services that will help you to accelerate your journey of cloud adoption. These services will provide you with a process for leveraging the Microsoft Azure cloud platform technologies to assist in modernising and optimising your business. The Skykraft Cloud Adoption Services will guide you through the steps Define, Plan and Deploy to safely reach business goals and to get the maximum value from your cloud adoption.

Week 1 - Define: The Cloud Transformation Start is a one-day consultative workshop which will provide you with a better understanding of what your cloud-based solution will involve and how you can take advantage of the cloud and maximise your value from the cloud adoption process. You will receive a report summarising the insights uncovered, along with suggested next steps.

Week 2 - Plan: The Cloud Transformation Plan phase is designed to help initiate your new Cloud Platform and provide insight into how to benefit from Azure cloud native features after the transformation is done. The Cloud Transformation Plan include a series of optional activities which will help you make good technical design decisions and utilise industry best practices to accelerate your cloud transformation.

Each activity lasts approx one day, with a predefined scope and deliverables, and include:

  • Technical Infrastructure requirements assessment
  • Potential target analysis, identifying and describing relevant applications targeted for migration to the cloud, with cost estimates and comparisons.
  • First movers assessment and migration planning, prioritising which applications to migrate first, and developing migration project plans.
  • Foundational setup assistance, defining and establishing, platform structure, network structure, rolle definition and access control etc.

Week 3 - Deploy: The Cloud Transformation Run provides you with advice and assistance in implementing and migrating your selected applcations to the cloud.