Windows 10 Virtual Desktop (WVD): 1-WK POC

cb20 Inc

cb20 will implement the components necessary to test application compatibility on Windows 10 Virtual Desktop (WVD). Great for VDI, Secure Remote Access/Remote Workers, & user device replacement.

Test the Azure Windows 10 Virtual Desktop (WVD) with your applications in a live environment connected to your systems. cb20 will work with the customer to plan the POC, and configure the components

Implementation and testing:

⩗ Review configuration requirements ⩗ Review user access requirements ⩗ Review multi-factor authentication requirements ⩗ Review Microsoft licensing
⩗ Review security requirements, MFA ⩗ Develop and implement Azure configuration ⩗ Profile file storage ⩗ Deploy the WVD Configuration
⩗ The Customer will load and test applications ⩗ Conduct application load and testing
⩗ cb20 will utilize Azure VPN for the POC ⩗ Complete testing

Next Steps:
⩗ cb20 will discuss next steps to move to production with the Customer for finalizing the configuration once testing is complete