Computer Solutions East 3 day Azure Cloud Workshop

Computer Solutions East

Computer Solutions East offers 3 day Azure Cloud optimization & Consulting Services, helping organizations to take full advantage of potential Microsoft Azure cloud comes with.

Azure Consulting Services: 3-days Review Workshop.

We will perform Cloud Review - Our expert engineers will perform an analysis of your entire cloud footprint to identify improvement areas.

Azure Migration Review- An overview of how to move your data and infrastructure to Azure using a proven cloud migration framework.

Diagnosis Business Environment- Assess your current IT environment architecture, portfolio of applications, and identify apps to migrate or innovate alongwith those requiring refactoring.

Our Value Proposition

We will come up with the best Cloud Strategy and Implementation framework to Optimize your Cloud Spend, which will save you up to 40% Annually

Identify security and compliance loopholes in the cloud

We work with your team to outline a plan of the recommendations, providing you with the information needed to make informed decisions with a clear journey to achieve your goals.

Agenda: Daily: 2 hours discussions calls each day. Others: Rest of the days offline hours/day we will be studying, reviewing , Analyzing & reporting your cloud infra. Final: We'll present areas of improvements, cost savings and/or other important areas we see during our review.