Asset Security & Compliance: 3-Mo Implementation

ComResource, Inc.

The Asset Security & Compliance solution aggregates your data from existing detection, inventory, and toolset data sources to provide real-time insights into the security health of your assets.

Do you lack real-time visibility into the security of your devices and assets? Are you certain your devices have the proper security tools installed and are up to date? Do you understand the risk level of your assets by department…by geographical area?

ComResource will aggregate your data from up to 3 data sources (detection/inventory/toolset) to provide 2 report pages (dashboards) focused on device/asset health and reconciliation.

Primary Audiences: Business/IT Leaders, Managers, Directors, Asset owners, Product owners

Implementation Outline

Weeks 1-4: Plan Phase

  • Identify data sources, owners, and report stakeholders
  • Determine system architecture and requirements
  • Establish and test source system accesses and connectivity
  • Gather requirements for key performance reporting insights
  • Profile and analyze key data elements
  • Identify best practices for data management (security, database design, automation, retention)


  • Azure infrastructure design and quote
  • User setup and licensing document
  • Requirement sign-off document

Weeks 5-8: Build Phase

  • Build a secure and automated ETL process
  • Create wireframe for dashboards/reports
  • Implement business logic
  • Develop dashboards/reports


  • Deployed Azure solution architecture
  • Dashboards/reports wireframes
  • Configured and deployed data load packages
  • Dashboards/reports MVPs
  • Signed off test plan documents

Weeks 9-12: Implementation Phase

  • Perform end-to-end QA/Testing
  • Deploy dashboards/reports; assist with User Acceptance Testing; incorporate changes
  • Identify data quality issues; map out resolution plan
  • Train end users/provide documentation


  • User setup and signed off UAT plan documents
  • Production management documentation
  • Data quality enhancement and remediation plan