Azure App Services: 4-weeks Implementation Service

ComtechRIM India Private Limited

Azure App Service implementation package for organizations that are facing performance, scale or security issues with their applications

ComtechRIM India Private Limited has extensive experience in designing, configuring and implementing secure, highly available and disaster resistant web application infrastructure on Azure using App Services. We are offering a consulting and implementation package designed to assist you to bring your application to Azure App Service. We are your OPS in DevOps

Today, every company runs many different applications that are essential for success – both internal business applications and also external-facing applications for customers and partners (such as the company website, customer self-service portal, e-commerce sites, or mobile apps).

And then, there's data. Every user interaction with any application works with data, consumes data and generates data. Today, every business collects tremendous amounts of information - and the challenge is how to turn this data into actionable insights and intelligence to provide a superior customer experience.

This means that the deployment of these web applications has to be way more agile, not only in terms of doing quick updates adjusting to business needs, but also being able to provide a consistent experience across different platforms.

What does Azure App Service bring to the table ?

High-productivity for devs & ops

• Staging and deployment slots

• Testing in production

• App monitoring and diagnostics

• Integration with Azure DevOps

Fully-managed platform

• Auto scale and load balancing

• High availability with auto patching

• Reduced operations costs

• Backup and recovery

Enterprise-grade capabilities

• Global reach and local presence

• Azure Active Directory integration

• Security and compliance


• Design and Configure Branching Strategy

• Setup and configure Azure DevOps Build and Release Pipelines

• Deploy App Service to host application

• Configure monitoring and analytics