Azure Data Platform 8 week implementation


Implement your azure data platform and gouvernance solution with API, data lake, Databricks, Azure Functions and Azure Purview (data catalog)

Implementation Azure data integration and data catalog solution ( Azure Purview) in 8 weeks. Step by implementation will consist of a workshop of 2 times 4 hours to assess the gouvernance rules of the data platform.. Consequently we will assess the data Architecture, meta data design and data gouvernance design. Next we implement the data infrastructure for your analysis platform keeping your enterprise data solution up to date and available within the data gouvernance guidelines of your organization. The implementation is organized via a scrum process and consists of weekly feedback and validation with the key stakeholders.


  • Data pipelines and data connectors using Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Data Lake
  • Domain specific data model for enterprise data.
  • Data library / data shop using Azure Data Catalog / Azure Purview
  • Azure Data Bricks for analytics and data processing
  • set up data gouvernance structure specific for this company
  • Azure API layer for connect to data sources and data products
  • at least 6 data products available within the security and privacy realm of the end user.

The outcome of this implementation is an operational data platform and the first data products available within the compliancy and security requirements of your company.