CAI Enterprise DevOps: 6-weeks Implementation


Azure Devops: Implement and Realize DevOps as a Service

Azure DevOps can no longer be ignored in the way in which we (you as a customer and we as a service provider) develop, build and maintain functionality. Driven by speed, flexibility, completeness and transparency. Conclusion allows DevOps to evolve, we use experiences to enrich DevOps and ensure that our customers will take the benefit. We see this reflected in the appreciation we receive after completion and upon delivery of functionality that seamlessly connects to the demands of the Business. Conclusion has incorporated this into the proposition DevOps as a Service. This whitepaper informs you about how we achieve this and what vision Conclusion has to make it your and our success. We also experience that and it is important that DevOps as a Service is part of the optimization process and that this creates room for the business to innovate and therefore respond better to its market and customers! In concrete terms, this means that it is possible to respond to the digital transformation of organizations.

Deliverables of this implementation:

  • Azure scalability for customers (cost efficiency), both computing capacity and storage are regularly tested for size. Each expansion has an impact, which is minimized by the Azure solution.
  • An Azure Solution whicj is scalable (pay per use), where the starting point by definitions is to offer the solution to all concerned.
  • a highly skilled Devops team
  • a sustainable method of way of working, based on a Safe framework
  • an effective en and efficient CI/CD approach